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All our winter activities are available for on-line booking

Skrevet: 8. October 2014

XC skiing, hiking, snowshoeing, ice scating and much more

We have opened on line booking for the Winter Activity Camp yesterday and now we are just looking forward to the snow and hearty welcome our guests to join our tours! 

To book the Winter Activity Camp click here.
To book the Guided Snowshoe Hill Climb on Kvaløya (5hours) click here.
To book the Guided Snowshoe Trip on Tromsøya Island (2 hours) click here.
To book the Guided Cross Country Skiing with us click (3 hours) here

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Winter Activity Camp

Skrevet: 28. August 2014

winter activity camp1

New winter activity in our offer! Tromsø, everyday 26.12 to 31.03 at 6.30 pm

Snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ice skating* and speeding down the hill on toboggan - you can try all those types of winter sports at one tour within 5 minutes drive from the city centre. 
Taking break from playing in the snow you can rest and cheat up beside the bonfire prepared by our guide and listen to the stories about Tromsø, northern lights, Arctic nature, local history and everyday life in our town.

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Arctic Race of Norway

Skrevet: 25. June 2014

Arctic Race 2014

Bike rental

Tromsø Outdoor have already many cycles booked for Arctic Race of Norway the weekend 14.-17.August, but still many of our 130 cycles are available, if you want to join the most spectacular bike hapening this year.

More intensity, more spectacular sceneries, much more than just a race!
Arctic Race of Norway, the most northern race of cycling history! Welcome to Northern Norway! 

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How to rent cycle in Tromsø

Skrevet: 20. May 2014

Sykkeltur Håkøya600

basic information about Tromso Outdoor cycle rental

Tromsø Outdoor  offer cycle hire for all type of customers. We have city bikes, terrain bikes, trekking bikes, racer bikes, tandem bikes, and bikes for kids/youth. We also offer hire of kids and cargo trailer, and waterproof bags. When you hire a bike you also get good suggested routs for your level.

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Few tips on where to cycle from Tromsø

Skrevet: 11. June 2014

cycle in tromso600

Tromsø offers various day, weekend and few day trips possibilities

There are many opportunities for both shorter and longer one or multiple day cycle trips starting in Tromsø. Tromsø, Troms valley and the Kvaløysletta offer a good network of trails for biking outside road traffic. They vary from paved bike ways, broad gravel bike/walking paths adapted for city bikes, to the narrow and hilly trails where you can challenge yourself on terrain cycle (also in Tromsø!).

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New cycles for rent at our Rental Center!

Skrevet: 16. May 2014

Merida T2-D

Various new road, mountain, hybrid and city cycles.

New cycles for rent at our Rental Center!

Finally they are here. Many new bicycles for our guests arrived and we are preparing them for our Rental Center.

For season 2014 we purchased reliable Merida Speeder T2-D and Merida Dual Speed, perfect to be ridden on all paved roads. To enjoy a pleasant ride around Tromsø casual bikes Merida Hybrid Finse 1222 Lite are the best choice. For amateurs of long speed rides are waiting new Merida Racers Ride 94. Mountain cyclists can try Merida Matts TFS 300 and Matts Maroon or Merida MTB 29 Big Nine Lite 1500-D. As a special treat a ride on Merida Freddy 1 or Merida One Forty 3-B/XT-D is a thrilling possibility, and for those looking for totally different type of cycling experience we have tandem and unicycle.

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Electric Cycle

Skrevet: 29. April 2014

Mario Pertorini


Time to try Electric Cycle!

E-GREEN B1 HYBRID, E-GREEN P1 CLASSIC and E-GREEN P2 HYBRID are ready to be taken for a ride. Everyone keen to rent, test or buy the electric cycle is welcome to give it a go.

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New avalanche safety equipment from BCA both for rent and for sale at our Rental Center.

Skrevet: 22. April 2014


Receivers Tracker2 and Tracker DTS, probes Stealth 240, shovels B-2 EXT and B-1 and new backpacks – BCA FLOAT 22 AIRBAG.

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Tromso Outdoor opening hours in spring

Skrevet: 13. April 2014

We are opened every day in April and May

April and May in Tromsø are famous for supreme ski conditions. Last days in spite of very mild weather ski conditions around Tromsø, on Kvaløya and in Lyngen still let us to explore and enjoy snowy  mountains by skis or snowshoes. Randonee ski packages and snowshoes are waiting for amateurs of outdoor winter activities in our rental center on Sjøgata 14 every day.

Our opening hours:

1st to 16th of April: 9am till 5pm
EASTER: 17th to 21st of April: 8am - 10am & 6pm - 8pm
22nd to 30th of April: 9am till 5pm

Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 2 pm

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New Dynafit skis for rent!

Skrevet: 3. April 2014

randonee skis500

Manaslu, Grand Teton, Huascaran, Mustach Ata

After long weeks of sunny weather and hiking icy trails weather finally spoils us with abundance of fresh snow. According to in Tromsø we enjoy right now 91 cm of snow and in the mountains it is of course more. Such conditions together with sun light staying with us approximately10 minutes longer every day changes our area in the skiing paradise. Today on 03.04 day lasts already 14 hours and 15 minutes... soon we will enjoy the first spring flowers and our famous midnight sun. 

Before that comes it is the perfect time to run away form the city and enjoy some ski tour.

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